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Sweet Mother of All Things Crafty, I prepped my December Daily TWO MONTHS early!

First off, I feel the need to apologize for the metric shit ton of photos in this (and the next) post. I actually ended up breaking it up into two posts cause, hello! photo overload. You guys, my December Daily album is 100% prepped! This is HUGE! I'm a great planner and starter, not so much of a great finisher of things. I like to call it craft ADD. This year I've broken down the past few DD albums/kits I've had laying around that I never finished. I'm using Ali's gold dot 6 x 8 album and I'm following her 2015 design map. You can read all about it and download yours here. For someone who needs some sort of guidance, this works perfectly for me. I know how many photos I need to take each day. While I'm sure I'll probably end up changing a few things, this is pretty much how my album will come together this year.

Opening page(s):

For my opening pages I used a gold foil polka dot transparency on top of a cream and gold wood grain cardstock. I added one of Ali's Tis The Season dies and a Be Wonderful chipboard.

In the 3 x 8 page protector I added a piece of white script transparency along with a Cheers tab. Under that is a full 6 x 8 that I'll use for a photo + my reason why I'm documenting this year.

The flip side of the 6 x 8 is a FREE PRINTABLE full page calendar from Marie over at Stitch In Time. She has three to choose from and you can find them here. I threw in some velum and more transparencies in the 2 x 2 pockets. Not sure if I'll be adding photos or just keep it as is.

Page One:

My first page includes 2 x 2 pockets, a 3 x 8 page protector and a 4 x 6 page. I cut the PEACE out on my Silhouette. You can find the file in their online store. Bottom card is from one of Ali's past DD kits.

Page two:

I'm using little stickies to mark where I want to add photos and journaling cards. All pieces came from past DD kits. 

Page three:

For the life of me I can't remember where I got the naughty/nice card. Kelly Purkey maybe? If anyone knows, drop me a line. I also used an OLD wood veneer piece from a past Studio Calico kit with two dies on the front and back. 

I'll add journaling to the bottom (maybe have Lilly write a note to Santa) and two photos in the top pockets.

Page four:

It's kind of hard to see but this spread includes the three pocket on the left and a full 6 x 8 on the right.

Page five:

This spread starts with a full 6 x 8 page (might add a photo or maybe a favorite holiday recipe), a Kraft envelope that I embellished on both sides, a 3 x 8 protector and then two 4 x 6 pockets.

I love that polka dot transparency and kick myself in the ass for not picking up more. Not sure if I'll leave the pink celebrate card or add a photo. I planned on using the back of the card on the next spread but the pink corresponds perfectly with the lights card below!

Page six:

Once again, more stickies for place holders. This spread is a 4 x 6 and then the 2 x 2 pocket page. Red circle tags came from the dollar bin at Michael's. They usually have them every year. 

Page seven:

This spread is the backside of the 2 x 2 page and also a 3 pocket page. For the right side, I was out of the 3 pocket protectors so I'll either use my Fuse tool or my sewing machine to divide the top pocket into two.

Page eight:

I added another 3 x 8 divider to this spread. All cards from past DD kits. 

I always try to snag a few Starbucks holiday cards to include in my DD as well as my Project Life album. Red cups for the win!

Page nine:

I repurposed a velum bag that I received from Studio Calico and added some alphas and washi. Behind that is a clear divider that separates the bag from the full 6 x 8 page.

Tis the Season cut can be found on Silhouette's online store. 

Page ten:

Not sure what I'll use the full left side for, perhaps a photo + story. The right side has another protector that needs to be fused/sewn.

Page eleven:

I knew I didn't want each day to be numbered and I'm so happy with the way these dividers turned out. Just a number every few pages. I also added an adhesive Cheer tab. 

Again, hail all things holiday Starbucks :)

Page twelve:

I had more of the gold wood print cardstock left so I trimmed down a piece and punched some holes in it to use as a divider. 

Plenty of room for photos + journaling.

Page thirteen:

I plan on turning that bottom right pocket into a shaker. Just need to add some sequins and maybe some confetti.

Page fourteen:

I love how the shaker pocket will be peeking through from the other side. There is a full 6 x 8 page on the other side of the transparency with the star.

Page fifteen:

A full 6 x 8 photo will go on the left and I'll split the top pocket on the right into two.

Hope you've enjoyed the first half of my album. Stay tuned for the second!

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  1. Wow!!! This is incredible! I don't even know where to start. There are so many elements that I love, and I and so jealous that you are finished already!!

    1. Thank you Christina! Now I just have to wait for December to roll around :)

  2. This inspires me GREATLY to get going on mine!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I've been spending WAY too much time on Pinterest looking for ideas :)


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